Elliott Brood

Hamilton, ON
Alt-Country / death country / Frontier Rock / Saloon Disco
Elliott BROOD is a three-piece Folk Rock Alt Country band based in Hamilton, Canada. Their brand of fuzzed-up roots music has always made for a captivating, and frenetic live performance. That energy has always translated onto the band’s five previous critically acclaimed records. In 2013 the band won a Juno Award for their World War One inspired album “Days Into Years”. Over the course of their career they have been nominated for a total of five Juno awards. In 2009 they were shortlisted for the prestigious Polaris Music Prize and in 2012 the band found themselves nominated for a Genie Award for their original song
“West End Sky” that was featured in the film “Grown Up Movie Star”. Their style has been called everything from ‘blackgrass’ to ‘death country,’ but those descriptions don’t capture the transcendent heights of their unique approach to roots music.

Their live show takes on a life of it’s own. It’s difficult to understand how so much sound can come from just three people. All 3 members are multi-instrumentalists, switching between banjos, guitars and ukuleles to deliver an incredibly energetic and rollicking live show. Call and response is a must with these boys so get your dancing boots on and be ready to sing along! This is a band that will really want to test that floating stage!!

August 3, 2019 5:30 pm 2019 Kaslo Jazz Etc Summer Music Festival Day 2
August 4, 2019 5:00 pm 2019 Kaslo Jazz Etc Summer Music Festival Day 3