Nelson, BC
Jazz / Funk
Until recently, Lint was in the midst of a long hibernation, like a funky old bear, gathering and concentrating arcane energies. Now the four lads of Lint are ready to resume dropping care packages of feel-good grooves for needy dancefloors.

Lint is the brainchild of Nelson-native Jesse Lee, an award-winning bassist and vinyl dj. As a child he gravitated to funk and soul music before he even understood the concept of genres. Not much has changed since. Lint plays original, high-energy, dancefloor-friendly funk tunes written by Jesse and arranged by the whole band—Rich Rabnett (guitar), Clinton Swanson (saxophone) and Graham Tracey (drums), all seasoned pros and busy musicians.

The music is for your head and your heart, but mostly for your hips.

August 2, 2019 2:30 pm 2019 Kaslo Jazz Etc Summer Music Festival Day 1