Moving Mosaic Samba Band

Nelson, BC
For the past 16 years, Moving Mosaic Samba Band, based out of Nelson, BC, has been thrilling audiences throughout the Kootenay region. In 2017, Moving Mosaic joined forces with the Slocan Valley community samba band, Valley Samba, creating an absolute arsenal of high energy, upbeat grooves and smiling faces under one banner. Music and dance are the context within which we foster cooperation, collaboration and celebration. Moving Mosaic Samba Band performances are musical adventures in celebratory Brazilian Carnival rhythms with bells, whistles, shakers, horns and drums of many sounds and sizes.
It was 2003 when Kris Ledrew, a Nelson drumming fantasmo, brought together a diverse cross-section of our town’s most skilled percussionists to learn some basic Brazilian Samba Batucada, and thus Moving Mosaic Samba Band was born! The enthusiasm caught like wildfire and soon there was a full troupe of dancers moving right along with the growing bateria. Under the expert leadership of John Ryan for ten years, the band kept building a great reputation for supporting worthy causes and inspiring the masses with high energy performances. Today, the band continues its mission of making inspiring music, supporting causes and connecting community without regard for gender, race, age or background under the joint leadership of Marilyn Hatfield and Liam Fitzpatrick.
August 2, 2019 4:00 pm 2019 Kaslo Jazz Etc Summer Music Festival Day 1
August 4, 2019 3:00 pm 2019 Kaslo Jazz Etc Summer Music Festival Day 3