Small Town Artillery

Kaslo, BC
Small Town Artillery are a rock band originally from Kaslo, B.C. They make music straight from the basement of their dusty souls. Their lyrics are rich with depth and emotion, and the instrumentation is a tapestry of sound. The group’s sincere affinity for aural articulation comes across in their high octane performances – featuring a full horn section. The band name is a reference to the artillery they wield from growing up in a small town: honesty, community and vulnerability. These characteristics are deeply embedded in the lifeblood of the band; they live and breath authenticity. Their third record, titled “Don’t Talk Away The Magic” is now available. It is an exemplary body of work with an array of refined songs; frontman Tom van Deursen dragged his heart up to his sleeves more than ever before, and the band sounds like a freight train without brakes behind him. The LP astutely showcases their rare combination of emotional transparency and accessibility. They recently signed to Vancouver’s innovative JumpAttack Records. “Don’t Talk Away The Magic” encompass everything we love about music: it’s relatable, melodic and above all, honest. It’s as if the brothers are walking beside you through memories of childhood, and stories of young adulthood. They take you somewhere, rearrange you a little, and assemble you in a way that’s somehow better than before.
August 4, 2019 9:00 pm 2019 Kaslo Jazz Etc Summer Music Festival Day 3