The Wooden Horsemen

Vancouver, BC
Wooden Horsemen deliver an infectious charge of electrified grooves, commanding a mix of gritty blues vocals and soulful, driving rhythms.  Their latest release ‘Past Lives’ (released November of 2018) stands both as a fiery testament to the gospel spirit of the American South and an intimate acknowledgment  of the relationship between music and spirituality.  Influenced by the discovery of Alan Lomax’s ‘American Patchwork’ series, tracks such as ‘I’ve Been Changed’ and ‘You Better Mind’ aim to harness the raw spirit of gospel all while maintaining the band’s signature modern rock n’ roll sound.  Swampy, sweaty and downright dirty blues lay the foundation for ethereal harmonies and a blazing horn section, resulting in a gritty, powerful and ultimately unforgettable live experience.
August 3, 2019 6:30 pm 2019 Kaslo Jazz Etc Summer Music Festival Day 2